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About Us

                                              harry-raymond-schell.jpg   Harry R. Schell, Founder       

Harry Schell's first sawmill experience was when he was 11 years old at his father's sawmill that was set up by Knapp's Creek in Southwestern Wisconsin. There was no one to ride the carriage that day at the mill and his father put him on, little did he know that it was the start of his sawmill career and would lead to him being one of the most knowledgeable and respected men in the business.

The Schell Sawmill moved to various locations in Wisconsin but found a permanent home in Blue River. In 1938, when the only known sawsmith died, Harry was left with saws that needed repaired and there was nobody available to provide guidance. He knew that if he was going to stay in the sawmill business, he would have to master the skill of saw hammering. He learned a lot by trial and error, he was always seeking information, and he knew the importance of quality tools when it came to properly servicing the saws. Harry said that besides good tension gauges, the other most important sawsmith tool is the anvil being used. He special ordered an anvil from Sweden in 1954, it took approximately 5 months for it to be shipped but it was well worth the wait because only a few years later, it would have been impossible to purchase.

 Harry's sawmill at Blue River was retired in 1954 and it was then that Harry began repairing saws and supplying sawmills with supplies and equipment. There have been many changes in the sawmill industry during Harry's lifetime and since his death in 1984. Harry's 453 pound prize anvil still sits on three tons of concrete in the shop at Blue River and Harry would be proud to know that it is still the foundation for providing quality sawsmith service. Harry R. Schell Sawmill Sales & Supplies, Inc. continues to operate by the third and fourth generation of his family and we are committed to providing the same quality repair and merchandise available for the sawmill industry. 



                   closeup-of-harrys-mill.jpg                  steam-engine.jpg               

Harry's sawmill was made by Enterprise and driven either by his steam engine or a Waukesha gas engine. The mill is still operational and all original with no hydraulics.  It is now on display at the Rock River Thresheree.  Sawyers operate the mill every Labor Day Weekend at the Thresherman's Park on Highway 51 between Janesville and Edgerton, WI.